Briefly state two limitations to the right to freedom of expression?

Question: Briefly state two limitations to the right to freedom of expression?
Social media has become a powerful platform for citizens to expose poor service delivery. Here are some ways it can be used effectively:

1. Instant Feedback: Social media enables consumers to share their experiences with poor service delivery in real-time, reaching a wide audience quickly and efficiently┬╣.

2. Viral Posts: When users share their negative experiences, these posts can go viral, garnering widespread attention and pressuring organizations to address the issues promptly.

3. Direct Engagement: Platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow for direct communication between consumers and service providers, facilitating public accountability and responsiveness.

4. User-Generated Content: Photos, videos, and reviews posted by users can document instances of poor service, providing authentic evidence that can influence public perception and drive change.

5. Trending Topics: Issues of poor service delivery can become trending topics on social media, attracting media coverage and the attention of influencers and regulatory bodies, which can lead to systemic changes┬╣.

6. Transparency: Companies that engage transparently with customers on social media, acknowledging issues and offering solutions, can build trust and demonstrate a commitment to improving service quality┬╣.

In summary, social media serves as a dynamic tool for highlighting poor service delivery, fostering transparency, and encouraging improvements through public scrutiny and direct consumer engagement.